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Hardware Design

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Hardware Design

LogicLab S.r.l. takes care of hardware design in every aspect: from conception to engineering process and analysis of the product.

The design includes an initial phase of the analysis, concept and specification draft. The analysis is to identify the technical, physical and architecture that make up the system. The spirit of the LogicLab design is to always make a reliable product that represents the state of the art in electronic technology currently available on the market. At this stage there has ever collaboration of technicians and engineers of the largest manufacturers of electronic active and passive components. Choosing the components and system design, particular emphasis is given to aspects of electromagnetic compatibility. Key requirements for products intended for the industrial market are the EMC and isolation European directives.

The LogicLab projects range is over many electronic fields: analog, digital, mixed-signal, power management, communication and interface, power electronics.

It is used for projects both microprocessors and microcontrollers 8-bit and 16 bit (Texas Instruments MSP430, Microchip PIC) and the most powerful 32-bit microprocessors and 64-bit (ColdFire and PowerPC). When there is a need for fast computing and calculating power, it is used fixed-point DSP and / or floating-point Texas Instruments TMS320F24XX, TMS320F28XX, TMS320F67XX interfaced with ColdFire and PowerPC microprocessors.

The most complex projects could include the use of programmable logic such as FPGA and CPLD to be interfaced to the CPU, the DSP and microcontroller.

LogicLab engineers have developed numerous projects with similar requirements of extreme complexity (ultra low-noise, EMC immunity ...) that have made it necessary to use 16-bit SAR ADC and sigma-delta ADC 24-bit. When it is necessary that the acquisition channel is isolated are used both the traditional optoisolators and the recent high speed capacitive isolators.

During the design, particular emphasis is given to computer simulations of new circuits. LogicLab uses software-based P-Spice, or software tools provided by the manufacturers. The simulations take into account all aspects of physical, environmental and design. When possible, in addition to computer simulations, are used for evaluation board to study in greater detail the behaviour of the new electronic components and new circuit solutions adopted. LogicLab, over the years, has invested in a continuous upgrade of its hardware platforms based on μP, DSP and microcontrollers, working with the latest technologies available on the market.

LogicLab it has its own internal structure to run the PCB routing. The use of advanced CAD tools and experience of its engineers, LogicLab allows to consider all aspects of electromagnetic compatibility, isolation, signal integrity, noise reduction.

If the project also needs a mechanical, it is engineered inside, while the production is left to leading companies.


 Hardware Design

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