LogicLab Digital Fault Recorder PMU

LogicLab Digital Fault Recorder PMU                                                  LogicLab Digital Fault Recorder PMU


Important update on COVID-19

Following the lockdown measures decided by the Italian government, LogicLab s.r.l. offices are temporarily close. LogicLab staff is full operational, all production and design activities continue as planned. Customer support and assistance activities are regularly provided remotely.

LogicLab s.r.l. is a company based in Italy specialized in hardware, firmware and software of monitoring, protection and control devices.

The main market for LogicLab products is the power distribution and generation.


LogicLab designing is focused on FR947 Digital Fault Recorder, Phasor Measurement Unit LogicLab s.r.l. - Protection, Measure, Control for industrial</font></b> (PMU) and PHAROS Synchrophasors Management System


LogicLab s.r.l.

Via della valle 67 - 20841 Carate Brianza (MB) - ITALY

Tel (+39) 0362.805287 - Fax (+39) 0362.1914102

e-mail: info@logiclab.it

PEC: logiclab@pec.logiclab.it

Codice Destinatario Fatturazione Elettronica: KRRH6B9


ISO9001 Quality Management System



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