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PCCN Protection System

ENEL Relay system


Protection relay system

DV966 Neutral Management

DV971 Auxiliary functions

DV7036 Distance Relay

Protection Relay System

In 2005, LogicLab and a French company, leader in  transmission and distribution system,  start  a new collaboration to develop  firmware for a new family  of protection system.
The protection firmware was developed entirely by LogicLab. Implemented protections are:  51, 51N, 67, 67N, 32N, 46, 49, 37, 27, 59, 59N, 81, 81R and fault-recording.  For the same project, LogicLab developed also a new electronic board dedicated to current transmitter loop with the precision better then  μA.


The protection system is not a product manufactured and distributed by LogicLab



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