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Protection relay system

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ENEL Relay System

Together with PCCN, one of the most complex projects developed by LogicLab is the complete family of ENEL protection equipments (PUE). For this system, LogicLab is committed in design  hardware and software and was built and approved.
In this project the protection equipments meet the following ENEL specification  DV901A2NCI, DV905A2, DV907A2, DV910A2, DV913A2, DV917A2, DV920A2, DV922A2, DV925A2, DV933A2, DV945A2.  All these protection provide full control of energy distribution  between high  voltage (130-380 kV) and medium  voltage (15-20 kV). In  addition  to  protection  scheme (IEEE 59, 27, 50, 51, 67, 50N, 51N, 79, 80), the equipemnts  include events recording  and fault recording.  The system, has been produced in several thousand of units and is currently installed in over 1500 medium voltage substation.
LogicLab has also recently developed a  new test equipment dedicated to ENEL protection (see DV1512A2NC page)



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