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PCCN Protection System

ENEL Relay system


Protection relay system

DV966 Neutral Management

DV971 Auxiliary functions

DV7036 Distance Relay


LogicLab, in addition to its own products, offers to clients its know-how to designing hardware, firmware and software systems. Over the years, our company completed ambitious projects such as a system protection conform to ENEL specification (PUE)  and EDF specification (PCCN) .
LogicLab recently developed for a French company, leader in the field of transmission and distribution system, the firmware for a whole system of protection on the new high performance platform.
Our portfolio also include projects as fault detector  (RGDAT), Neutral control on Petersen coil substation  (DV966) and the Auxiliary voltage protection scheme (DV971).
The latest project developed is the distance relay, a complex and ambitious equipment developed on a completely new powerful and performance hardware platform.
The commitment of our company is as always directed to providing clients with the best product in terms of quality, efficiency and cost.



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