DV7036 distance relay

DV7036 distance relay

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DV7036 Distance Relay


DV7036 distance relay

The project consists of an hardware design and firmware/software design.
For the hardware design, LogicLab develops a multifunction platform with high performance. The platform is equipped with a ColdFire processor with a 240MHz clock and a floating-point DSP 2400 MFlops. The analog board is equipped with four channels based on a SAR 16-bit and ADC with a low-noise front end. It also developed peripheral board used in typical applications for the power distribution, and each board is managed by 16bit low-power microcontroller. Communication between the boards is performed by a parallel bus managed by FPGA/CPLD and/or a RS485 serial bus.
For software/firmware developing, LogicLab undertake a great campaign of studies and simulation to identify and develop the best algorithm to measure the fault resistance and to calculate the fault distance from the device. Both the base firmware used on the new platform and all the application firmware that achieves the protection function is developed and tested by LogicLab engineers.


New device manufactured and designed by LogicLab is near to be distributed
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DV7036 is not a product manufactured

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