RGDAT - Tester

RGDAT - Tester

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RGDAT - Tester

RGDAT tester



Brochure DI2502 (italian version)

Dispositivo di prova RGDAT

ENEL Device certified

Device introduction


Technical data

Accessories data


RGDAT tests

RGDAT - Tester - Device introduction

The instrument DI2502, conforming to ENEL specification, is used for testing the device RGDAT (directional fault detection and voltage absence). The device allows you to check the RGDAT and accessories constitute the apparatus (current transformers, six-poles plug...). Using this device also allows you to check the main anomalies that are found in ordinary installation and maintenance of RGDAT, such as faults in six-poles plug, failure at final relay that do not change status and failures due to electronics.

The instrument was designed to allow use in conditions of full safety for the operator. Given the presence of a three-phase power, needed to test RGDAT, the instrument was built in double insulation and comply with safety standards conform to CEI EN 61010-1 Ed. II. The cover is plastic, resistant to heat, and all controls accessible by the user acting on a low-voltage devices that let you switch, through relays, the three-phase section.

Through a series of LEDs on the front panel and a signalling cable supplied, you can view the closure or not of the RGDAT relays.

The device is delivered  with some accessories: a coil of 650 A/turns to test protection 51, a coil of 200 A/turns to the protection 51N, two extensions 4m lenght with 4 mm plugs for link coil, power cord 4m length with 3 Phase + Ground + Neutral.

The tool is sold in a suitcase, hard and practice, which allows convenient transportation, both the instrument and all the accessories included

RGDAT - Tester - Documentation

Brochure (Italian version)

Training Course (pdf) (Italian version)

User Guide (Iitalian version)


If the English version is not available, contact us and we will provide the document that you have requested.


To download from the website the User Guide is necessary to have a user name and password.
The user name and password may be requested by filling out the request form at
download page


RGDAT - Tester - Technical data


height : 14 cm

width : 32 cm

depth: 30 cm

Three-Phase power supply: 3F + Terra + Neutro

Single phase voltage: 220V – 50Hz

Max Power: 130VA



Coil 650 ± 50 A/turn

Coil 200 ± 20 A/turn

2 extensions  4 m with plug 4 mm

Power cord 4 m

Signalling cable 4 m

Hard suitcase



6 positions rotary switch

  (calibration, off, Phase 4 failure, Phase 8 failure, Phase 12 failure, off)

Reversing cyclical direction toggle switch

Reversing UD toggle switch

Reset push button

Start Test push button


Warning lights

V4 power

V8 power

V12 power

Right cyclical direction

Reversing  UD

Trip protection 67


Trip protection 51/51N



6 poles socket RGDAT

Coil connection (12 Vac – 10 A)

Signalling repeat

Start test from UP

RGDAT Power supply (24V dc)

Functional grounding

BNC for 4-20 mA signal



Device with  double insulation

Timeout on output current

50 kA break capability on single phase

Power cord with safety for accidental disconnection


Technical documentation and Standards compliance

Compliant with CEI EN 61010-1 ed. II

CE mark 89/336 CEE, 73 /23 CEE e 93/68 CEE


RGDAT - Tester Accessories data



DI2502 RGDAT Tester

Power cord 3Ph + N + Ground

Power cord to power-up the device

Equipped with removable plug for easy transport

DI2502 RGDAT Tester

Signalling cable

It allows you to connect RGDAT signalling cable to the device DI2502, reporting the status of outputs. The connection with DSUB 9-pin on the front of the instrument can see, through LED lighting, closure or less of relay contact on RGDAT. The presence of two connectors, one male and one female, can perform the operation without interrupting the transmission of signals between the RGDAT and UP

DI2502 RGDAT Tester


Pair of extension cords with connectors red and blacks with a length equal to 4m. Used for the test trip for 67 and for the connection of coils for the test trip for 51 and 51N.

DI2502 RGDAT Tester

Coil for test trip protection 51

Dimensions: Řext=130mm; Řint=60mm; h=35mm

Connectors: 3 fly plug 4 mm female

Magnetomotive force produced (black-red): 650±50 A/turns

Magnetomotive force produced (black-blue): 325±50 A/turns

Magnetomotive force produced (red-blue): 325±50 A/turns

DI2502 RGDAT Tester

Coil for test trip protection 51N

Dimensions: Ř=318mm; Řconnectors=60mm

Medium lenght of one turn: 1m

Connecftors: 2 fly plug 4 mm female

Magnetomotive force produced: 200±20 A/turns


RGDAT - Tester Multimedia



As already mentioned in part, the DI2502 is able to verify, through the use of accessories, evidence of action or inaction of the device RGDAT, and in particular you can check:

DI2502 RGDAT Tester

Test for protection 67 trip

DI2502 RGDAT Tester

Test for protection 51 trip

DI2502 RGDAT Tester

Test for protection 51N trip

Through signalling cable you can connect with the UP and check visually, through the LED on the front panel, the trip of the protections.



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